Open call

Residency for artists & designers

September 2021    Stiemervallei, Genk (BE)    5000

Stiemerlab is a citizen science project that maps the water quality of the Stiemerbeek together with the inhabitants of Genk (BE). Through sensors and the analysis of samples, data on water quality is collected at different locations in the Stiemervallei.

In September 2021, the Stiemer Valley will take center stage in Genk for a month. With this open call, Stiemerlab invites designers, artists or collectives to propose a project that reflects upon or uses the data on water quality gathered by Stiemerlab in an artistic intervention in or around the public space of the Stiemervallei.


For whom

We are looking for local or (inter)national visual or audiovisual artists, sound artists, designers, individual designers or collectives, for a one-month residency concerning the local water challenges in the Stiemervallei. All profiles are eligible, regardless of age, nationality and status.

The project should be realized and presented in September 2021, with a closing moment on Sunday, September 26th 2021. Regular presence in Genk during that period is not obligatory, but might have added value for the project.



The proposed project should be an artistic intervention. This can be interpreted in its broadest sense: an installation, performance, sculpture, interactive visualization or event. The intervention can be either temporary or long-term.

public space

The proposed project must be realized in public space in or around the Stiemervallei.


The proposed project should make use of the data collected by Stiemerlab. This can be done by visualizing and interpreting the data, or by making the data tangible within the project.

Currently, the available datasets are:

  • real-time data concerning – among other things – the temperature, height and electrical conductivity of the water at 15 different locations in the Stiemerbeek
  • an indication of the different organisms present in the water by means of DNA sequencing at 10 different locations in the Stiemerbeek

a dataset with close-up images of micro-organisms in the monthly samples, classified by machine learning
Partial examples of this data can be consulted online, via

What we offer

  • An inviting and inspiring place to work.
  • A production and content follow-up and support for your plans and ideas.
  • A fee of €5000 (paid via interim or invoice), including fee, transport and production budget.
  • A network of external experts.
  • Opportunity for interim showcases and interactions with an audience.
  • Visibility through the European network and the starts4water project.
  • Support from LUCA School of Arts and FABLAB Genk for the use of facilities, machines and workspace.
  • Support in finding accommodation, if needed.

How to apply

You can submit your project proposal via this online application form. The project proposal consists of: a motivated application containing a concise proposal (max. one A4 with text and/or images) and a portfolio (max. 10 pages), bundled as one PDF file with a maximum size of 10MB.

The deadline for submission is Monday, August 9 2021, 10:00 CEST. Proposals submitted after the submission deadline will not be considered.



The submitted proposals will be evaluated on artistic quality, feasibility and accessibility for a wider audience by a jury consisting of:

  • Selina Schepers / Teis De Greve (LUCA School of Arts / Stiemerlab)
  • Nele Desmet (VITO / Stiemerlab)
  • Sofie Thijs (Center for Environmental Studies, UHasselt / Stiemerlab)
  • Mien Quartier (City of Genk)
  • Valery De Smedt (LUCA School of Arts / S+T+ARTS4Water)
  • Wim Forceville (LUCA School of Arts)

From the submitted proposals, the jury will select one project (or in exceptional cases, several projects). The applicants will be informed on Monday, August 16 2021.

About Stiemerlab

Stiemerlab is a collaboration between LUCA School of Arts, VITO, Centrum voor Milieukunde — UHasselt, Stad Genk, Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij (VMM) and is funded by Vlaamse Overheid.

This residency is made possible with the support of LUCA School of Arts and S+T+ARTS4Water consortium.

More information about the project can be found on

More information

For questions, please contact Selina Schepers: project coordinator of Stiemerlab (